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Thridhala Property Management Private Limited is a company offering professional services in the real estate sector. We cover both commercial (offices, showrooms, malls, warehouses, land, hotel & restaurants) and residential spaces (villas, apartments, plots, guest houses, serviced apartments).

Residential Property

Thridhala Realty Services has extensive transactional and advisory capabilities built on years experience in Residential Property.We are dedicated to traditional values of service, with a modern and innovative approach to marketing. Our Residential Division aims to provide an unrivalled service for the sale and letting. Each property is handled by our senior property expert advisor, knowledge and experience of the local market.

We offer a leasing service which starts with sourcing a suitable property, negotiating the lease terms and assisting with the entire relocation process. Be it for an individual or the relocation of an entire family,clients are always assured that we have good understanding of their key business requirements as well as their personal needs. We listen, source,orientate, negotiate, inspect and manage the property throughout the entire lease period with the sole purpose of fulfilling our commitment of total satisfaction.

Our motive is to offer you place full of aesthetics, impeccable services,luxury and value for money. When you choose a serviced apartment you want to make sure that you have picked the one that best meets your needs and offers the best value for money.Though there are a several ways to find apartment solutions in Hyderabad / secunderabad , Bangalore , Chennai , Amaravati &Kerala

Service Apartments

Appartments Villas

Our Residential Leasing Business Model is specially designed exclusively for Expatriate Clients. We make it easy for you to find the perfect Rental Apartment / Villa that meets your location, price and amenity preferences. Our staff provides fast, friendly one-on-one personalized service. We are committed to provide safe, secure and comfortable accommodation throughout and we have a track record of top expatriate clients living comfortably and happily in Hyderabad, secunderabad , Bangalore , Chennai , Amaravati &Kerala

We have team of professionals who are constantly in touch with the Apartment owners to refresh the latest inventory of best available Apartments in town. Thridhala Realty Services has a wide network and trained team of professionals who control and manage updated database of the best availability as far are Prime Residential Properties are concerned